We love the internet! We live to help you build and grow your presence in the digital space.

Here at Green Lamp, we offer Organic Traffic Marketing solutions since 2006.
Along the years, we have acquired vast experience and knowledge, dealing with various different clients from many different backgrounds, industries, and cultures. In addition, we have successfully established a broad and effective network within the industry.

We specialize in increasing the volume of organic traffic, as well as improving your website’s user experience and enhancing conversion rates.

On top of our professional expertise, we represent a young and dynamic team, which excels in the international SEO and organic marketing world.
We believe in diversity and so each of our teammates brings unique skills and tools to the table, which allow us to benefit from the many different synergies and provide our clients with top notch service and custom made solutions.

We choose to follow a selective approach when it comes to taking on new clients, as one of the most valued virtues by us in a new project is the challenge.
We are driven by internationalism, passion, professionalism and client relations. These assist us in providing our clients with ongoing services and guiding them step by step all the way to success.

Why we chose the name Green Lamp?

We know Organic Traffic Marketing is not the first thing that pops into your mind when you think about a “Green Lamp”.

But for us, the iconic green lamp symbolizes not only hard work and professionalism, but also old school libraries, a place which functions as a gate to a vast pool of knowledge and information.
We believe that the traditional libraries of yesterday are the internet of today.

This is why, we hope to project the green lamp utility, of illuminating a specific book from a stockpile of hundreds, by directing focus, attention, and traffic from an ever growing stockpile of websites, to particular ones.

We’ve been helping companies to build new traffic channels for over ten years. How can we help you?