Conversion Rate Optimization

In the world of online marketing, CRO Is the notion of improving landing pages or the website’s user experience, for the purpose of increasing the conversion rate (converting more visitors into customers).

How do we improve landing pages or the user’s experience?

We tailor it to relevant visitors. First, we study the websites’ current situation, after we complete our analyses, using several different analytical tools, we think of ways for improvement.

To be more specific, using our tools, we learn about the visitor’s behavior in the website, focusing on issues such as the cursor’s movement, preferred pages to get information from, or redundant areas. Furthermore, we assess every traffic channel, and characterize the visitors that arrive from each channel.

Then, we optimize those traffic channels and create the most suitable funnel for each type of visitor.

How can improved landing pages and user experience increase conversion rates?

The ways in which improved landing pages and user experience increase conversion rates are:

  • Visitors will be able to reach the information they want faster and easier.
  • It helps to increase the visitors’ accessibility to the website.
  • It assists in removing irrelevant information, and therefore reduces the bounce rate and the visitors’ wasted time.

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